Our daily assortment of cakes and semifreddoes includes classic Italian pastries such as Millefoglie, Meringati, Mimose, Profitterol, Tiramisu, Zuccotti, Torte Gelato, Torte alla Frutta and modern cakes with light creams such as mousses. During the day, heavenly cakes, walnut cakes, jam tarts, plum cakes, Sachers and apple cakes come out of the oven hot.

We also make personalized cakes for every occasion: weddings, anniversaries, presentations, openings and corporate events with the faithful reproduction of the logo in multiple processes. The cake, in fact, is the most awaited moment of every occasion, the one that remains in the memory of all and is remembered over time. Our creations are the symbol of happy moments, an essential detail to make your anniversaries memorable.