Traditional Dove 1 Kg

Traditional Dove 1 Kg

Naturally leavened bakery product.

White flour 00 (Gluten), Cube candied orange peel (Orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar.), Pasteurized butter 82% mg (Milk), Pasteurized egg yolks (Eggs), Castor sugar, Mature natural yeast (Flour, water.).), Fresh cream, Aromatic emulsion (olive oil, honey, orange juice, caster sugar, lemon juice, rice starch, orange peel, cointreau, vanilla pods, lemon peel), water, olive oil, custard cream (water, caster sugar, fresh whole milk, Pasteurized egg yolks (eggs), corn starch, glaze (caster sugar, shelled almonds (nuts, almonds), egg whites (eggs), water, butter (milk), hazelnuts (nuts), braised corn flour, wheat flour type 00), salt

Before consumption, keep it close to a heat source for 30 minutes.

May contain traces of nuts. Store in a cool, dry place.

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